Normal Critic of the CR candidates 2021 : A better way to be a voter (I guess)

24 min readMay 26, 2021


12 DAYS LEFT [DID you vote already?]

This paper is a subjective critic (myself) from all the year, I will only critic people that will participate into the new Council.

Be aware that a critic got the easy role to point fingers in a confortable spot, take this paper not too seriously and DYOR.

I make a point that EF or EF teams or EF close associates, should not be part of Council by principle. EF is not CR and CR is not EF. When you participate into CR, you only represent your own voice as a physical person. However reputation of EF plays a role into the decision making of others’ candidates that should not be there. I spend serious time thinking about this, and I am not the only one thinking this.

EF should focus on EF thing, and CR should focus on CR thing. When one day EF will dissolve, this way of separation could be reviewed.

However, EF’s dev or any “techy” with his experience is still welcome for his experience and knowledge.

What we don’t want in general are useless politics. Let’s dig in.

Always a little joke first!

Donald Bullers

Obviously a yes. Donald or “Donnie” is a key member of Elastos and Web3. Coming from community at the start and now the founder of Tuum Team, keeping organisation of Dev Experience of Elastos and how Web3 will be seen and used on a regular basis.

Always professionnal and focus on the “essentials”, he will always give a time to anyone if he had the time to do so.

He is participating into the DCPI paper of WEF meetings with M.Rong Chen. We can safely say he is close to him for repeating in more simple terms the directions of Elastos.

He is writing a blog on his own name, pointing in precision the problems of the actual Web and giving a clear definition of what Social+ is.

The technical/design knowledge is probably asked from collegues like Kiran Pachhai (KP) or Martin Knight ( with their great new colleagues too!)

Their team : Tuum, is mainly focused on Profile product, and the “Hive 2.0” tech, which is major pieces to have for the futur. Being a tester myself of Profile, it is a clean, neat, effective, LinkedIn, without all the useless parts. Since I know how much time you can waste to find a job, there is a great solution, imagine to almost passing a “good time” to search for work!

Their team have set up their Discord, which is a obligation to have in 2021. I can’t understand serious teams not having it (Community building is stronger long-term in Discord that in any Telegram)

A personnal research is always necessary before voting (I hope you are doing it), but this one is probably the safest one. I will say top1 and just for the past CR term.

He spend some serious time on the telegrams and lift the mood with optimist, cold, rational mind. It is exactly the type of people that any crypto-community needs.

He spent time to PM famous people on Twitter, and create relationships over the time, which is high-value work, named social-intelligence. He is patient too which is for me the best quality to have.

There is difficult to find defaults, perhaps one day when he will have time, to create formation/videos of his “savoir-faire” or a “Plan-B” person competant enough if he can’t work. Not urgent, but still important.

A good 40% of my own votes.

SJun Song

I am quite hesitant but I thought about it today. M.Song is known for Elaphant, ElaBank, Filda, and probably Creda now. There is a team, and he is working closely with M.Feng Han and Elastos teams quite often it seems.

I asked one day which books he is reading (always a good question) and he answered to me “Denationalisation of Money” from Hayek. What a hard read for me! but what is interesting, is the founders of Elastos have made a reference to it, with the “Wealth of Nations” from Adam Smith. It’s literally the two books of the philosophy of the economy of Elastos. It helps a ton to understand economies on a high-level too.

Elabank was a success with the stacking of DPoS (but with bad consequences of centralisation, which is part of community’s fault, however M.Su Yipeng’s new design of DPoS network would probably correct it in a way).

For Filda, I was a tester and its name was “Quicksilver”, the development went quite good and the attention of security, but also details went well. However I will add without the ETH-ELA-FilDA bridge (Shadowtokens), it would have been not that successful.

Something that still irks me : Why the ELA pool was the lower pool in %? It was like the ELA community was put on the side, and the profits were redirected to the Huobi community. I don’t know if it’s human or code, but as a tester, it was a bad sight to see.

Another thing I will remember, never, ever, propose “other farming system” outside of Filda, I remember a twitt of M.Feng Han to others farming systems and it was pure scams. I think it’s not volontary but simple ignorance of the creativity of scammers, scammers are called “artists” for a reason. Please never, ever, propose others’ work of farming, or your reputation one day can disseapear instantly.

But, the thing that really hurt my choice, is the Elaphant wallet. It was great as a “Plan B” solution at the start, but not anymore. Sometimes, the servers went down, the datas didn’t shown, and beginners of the community went into panik. That’s how you have a full week of people complaining because of this kind of things. And sending ELA to ELA-ETH were complex for most people. it seems nothing, but it created ton of problems of personnal managment of assets.

I would like to add that Tokswap was a huge failure and everyone should know about it, the idea was great, but the problem was bigger than expected. It was the “hot” De-fi on Elastos sidechain, that just didn’t have awreness at all.You can’t name token name of fruits and expect people to come.

However Filda is a huge “mini-success” by itself and I will not talk about CreDA, since I don’t know. But I have high expectation of it, since it would be a “first-mover” of a whole way of action. The whole ELA-FilDA-CreDA should begin to impress the outside crypto communities at one moment, or just catch their interested attention.

In the end, it is still a coder and a smart person.Not a lot of people can say they have build a lendering assets platform when people mostly didn’t cared at the start.

We don’t have a lot of informations of the team, which is really a shame. A video is more than enough to show people and give community a context. A monthly video would be perfect and show a very good professionnal acceptance of your own work.

I have spent 200ELA into ELP tokens, and I am still salty to not “dump” this over someone else, well that’s the game : be responsable of your assets (for people) and help people easyness of use (for devs)

I’ll vote to 15%

The Strawberry Council

This one would be difficult, I have indirect conflict of interest with the DPoS nodes benefits. For transparency, I win close to 15ELA/week more or less because of it. Second, I am in no part of this team at all, we are just sharing DPoS nodes in a team of 12. We have 0 informations from within the team.

In résumé, this team is good but can do so much better. The first thing is to get rid of this political apparence in each answer, simplify your answers. Let me explain : go to CR website, select any Proposition, and look at their comments. Their answer are often over-complicated and are just bla-bla for filling the commentary. I am okay with this, everyone is ok. But if you does on a little scale like this, what happens in the whole past term? Are you filling the void with blabla the whole year?

What did you do, this term? I think community would like a list of past actions.

Each members got good quality and competencies, art, trading, human relation, they have all the tools to compete for a team. However their activity in main channel telegram were quite poor. There is good comeback and helps, but it is a drop of what Guardians/mods have done, and for free!

3 people of the team out of 4 went very defensive when I gave a constructive critic and I was labeled as the “irrespective guy”. Whatever, water going under the bridge, it’s still important to note there is ego at play here. Each members of their team is older than me, and I know it plays against them. For information : age is not experience, and is not wisdom. Both are earned. Thinking someone don’t know shit because he is young is a classic mistake.

For going a bit far, they invest into “degenerate-money”, flipping blue-chips or going ape into the last scam. So be aware of their “good-feeling” talking with good values next time. People are rarely pure white or pure black. I don’t condamn them since most people in crypto have thrown values for profits.Which is fine in crypto, but for a Council seat?

Saying “elastos is shit” in secondary channels and being part of the Council is a non-sense and an hypocrisy. Be aware of what you think and write. Even it is just frustration, it is toxic to not show the good exemple with rationnals and solutions. Don’t forget you represent community.

Still their votes made sense most of the time, and since they are a team, it is a nice bonus of reflexion. If they can focus on more actions (like videos/streaming/event), and slow down the blabla and help Guardians/mods to help too,they will be on a very good direction for a Council next term. Since you are not a team of coders like Tuum, or Sjun’s team, you must be more pro-active with community this time.

Still vote yes at 10%

Ryan |Starfish Labs

1.Ryan is part of the “Guardians” (mods of community)

2. Spend his time seriously on a complete website for elastos community.

3. He helped any community member for Filda and wallet problems, we are talking to A LOT of work to explain and re-explain ad nauseum to beginners how to-do basics (and because people rarely learn by themsleves and prefer to be spoonfed). Without him, much less people will be able to use FilDA or any side product of Elastos. I insist of the quantity of work he had given and probably still gives.

4. He is himself a technical professionnal, so having his experience is precious and should be used with intelligence.

5. The proposition N°39 of Uniswap that he proposed got a solid success with real benefits for community.

6. As a person, he is a great guy and have a serious view of Elastos’ possible or real weaknesses.

The only “advice” (if I can say), is to show more the team part of StarFish Labs and play on your own brand. You need more hands for doing more work, and you need to show more a professionnal outlook to communities or IRL. Look at Orchard as exemple. But it will takes more of your time obviously.

Obvious YES for me I give a good 25% of my votes.

Orchard Trinity

  1. Orchard is a team, and a solid one.
  2. Sash is part of the “Guardians” (mods of community)
  3. They have very diverse experiences, which are, complimentary. Chris give the tempo (his experience in army is gold), Jochem share his insights and Sash is a motor (and he should slow down a bit lol!). They should specialise in their own qualities.
  4. They have a distinctive direction with their own business process : Cordial, which will opens a new market with Elastos’ tech as side tools. They even organised a live meeting about Democraties, which is excellent as content.
  5. Because of this project, they are inviting new members into the teams with the same level of (diverse) experience. There is serious advisors for having another views of said project.
  6. They work closely with Tuum team, which are another great working team.
  7. Their brand is on point.
  8. Their organisation of work is on point.
  9. They do weekly videos, full of informations, of them speaking.Which should be mandatory for Council Members.
  10. Their votes/critics into Council are fair and constructives
  11. They propose 3 Propositions as Authors, and all of them passed.
  12. They even got a direct solution fot EF’s BTC and got refused. I respect totally that they have tried with a decent solution. Such tentatives to communication should be favored greatly.
  13. I had spend some time with each of them, more with Sash, and they are all great guys too.

The last Proposition of Mission89 is genius (and well-written)and it should be always like this.

Message to voters and community : there is months of works for having this level of quality in Proposition and you should be aware. That’s how you change the world (and beat competition with persistant and focused work)

50% of votes for me, easily, they won their seat with their name on it.

Rebecca Zhu

It is a real pleasure to see the Secretariat General that would like to be on Council. Ms.Zhu is obviously competant for understanding the “ins” and “outs” of the Council.

However as EF employee,she should not be part of CR Council.

I think personally she should not participate into Council, but focus more on the Secretariat work. This position is too much important I think for now to let this to another person. What I think is right is this : recruit peoples for Secreatariat secondary position and teach them the position.

Third term would be possible for someone like you, if Secretariat is handled decently on the other side. Nobody knows actually the work you do, so it will be in your fair judgement and consideration.

Secretariat should be made by a decentralised team of competants and trustable people at one moment and it’s perhaps time to think about it. There is a point of failure because you are alone in Secretariat, and have full power. We trust you for your already good work, but on the principle of decentralisation, we should find an another solution for Web3’s sake.

You should explain (if possible) the work you does for EF and gives more context to community, that will help to understand you, as a person and as a professionnal.

However I still welcome her into Council because of her unique own experience.

I will vote for her to 15%.

Brittany Kaiser |Own Your Data

This woman is kinda the world represent of Data today. I have huge respect for her worth mission and her past, the movie was a shock for me and probably most people. We need more people like her to point fingers in front of big datas and take the risks of being (too) seen.

Now I am sorry to say (my) reality and will probably be hated for this.

I don’t personally trust her, let me explain : I spend time and energy on Rasberry Feeds node, make all the “nerd” work, and propose a nice and easy process for her. Feeds is actually one of the rare working prototypes of true Web3 Dapp, and they should be really interested into solutions in all sort. Just trying should be part of their work.Taking 5Min of your time is not that hard.

After the Twitter comments, I didn’t have answer, I didn’t have actions, or even commentary, and the Rasberries didn’t been used after months, she simply didn’t cared enough. My process was hilariously easy to use, I could not do better on my side.

She didn’t spend time on a Web3 first world Dapp, as the “Data” face of the Internet, it was a cold shower for me. Actions are always louder.

Donald Bullers did contact her for email speaking (which is great, thank you). However, as a community member, for me it was deceiving : I spent my hard won $ into something that will not be used, I spend my precious time for something that will not be regained anymore. The hardwares are still usable but went directly to a cardboard box, I lost in the end and my motivation dropped like a rock.

You can say she didn’t ask for it (which is true) and I put myself alone in this kind of situation, but the situation itself become absurd ; what you need for testing a Web3 Dapp now? Entitled to easy and centralised methods I guess? Or you need the high level of Profile UI/UX without any effort from the user, minimum?

Feeds teams spend so much time for a decent product too, you need to understand if we don’t try, how they can progress?

I guess having her attention on Twitter is …something. Let’s be honest, Twitter peoples doesn’t care, in this non-stop noise which is Twitter. This platform is designed by teams of engineers for allowing people to fight between themsleves, like dogs. Attention/Focus is the currency of our world, and Twitter abuse this principle to the bone.

The same problem is directed to Jen Zhu Scott too. I am happy to see women taking more responsability and fight for our data rights, but at the same time I only believe people spending time in action, and not in words. Ansewering a Twitt is just staying of your confort zone, and I hope you will go out of it one day. It’s true for everyone, even for me.

Twitter is known to be a “virtue-signalling” machine, and “owning your data” would be soon the trademark of speakers. It is already the fact with Web3 falses narratives going left and right, being used as a tool of attention. It is not fun having “our” technical term being drowned because of the hypes of others, simply stealing it without a care. Who cares when you make profit from ignorant people? It would be the same with “own your data” one day, and people will abuse the terms and milk it dry. And then you will dissepear because there is no action behind your words.

Putting the term “own your data” into your name is a little presumptuous for me, nothing should own the internet, and nobody own an important term like this in their pseudonym. Web3/Data ownership is not a fucking joke we use for catching attention of people, we (all humans) will change everyone’s life because it is necessary, not for being the center of attention.

I am not even sorry for my harshness of my words,what you are speaking in front of everyone is only talks, but I have been proven on a personnal level, you are bullshiting everyone. Prove the opposite and I will think again. Talking with WEF is not a proven fact by itself, genius normal interest should be there.

And now you are giving attention for being part of Council? wtf ? Monetary gains are more interesting for you, than testing a proto or just sharing a message into our telegram??? What about the 5000 ELA you are liable too?? Someone is actually taking the risks for you?? What a fucking idiot LOL!

Can you make me an elevator-pitch of Elastos?

I don’t think you know enough technologies or crypto communities for being part of Council too. There is a minimum to have to understand the subtles technicals terms of Propositions, or do you have a team of experts ready to help you, with your reputation? Where are they? Who tells us you are enough competant to be part of Council, just because you are famous? Other communities were happy about this, are they thinking with full rationality?

Message to community : If you vote for Ms.Kaiser, you own your choice, but I hope you will not be deceived by her (non-technical) answers, and I really hope I would be the wrong guy, her reputation alone can bring a lot for Elastos, I agree, but is it really what we need? I know you will all understand what I am saying, what happens if she is very absent of votes laters? (since there is already LOT of absences for the first year already, with people that were already part of Elastos)

People should always prove their worth with actions, and not talks or reputation. Respect should never be given, but earned.

If Donald Bullers wants to correct me about my impression, please do so, but my personnal position will not change, it’s purely politics on play right now. It’s perhaps necessary for Elastos as a project, but in point of view community member, I am sorry to say it’s zero vote until completion of some tasks.

Jen Zhu

Same message like Ms.Kaiser, community is only voting for you because of reputation. Gives us more informations about you and your realistics expectations of what you can offer for Web3. And we will listen.

I hope someone else is not liable of your 5000ELA stack too.

tyrolee hodl ela

I will always have respect to the member N°1 of elastos world community, he was the first one to invite people, explain to them, trying to makes sense and taking care of others. Thank you for your past works really.

But what the fuck with this name representation?? You are presenting yourself at Council and you come up with the kind of name?? Please think about it, you are not refleting a serious profile at all, but a hilarious joke of yourself. Just your name would have been enough bloody hell.

I am sorry to say to you that your time have passed, you are far from present from communities anymore, which is not fine for a Council member. You say you will always side with “community’s interest”, but you are quite dependant of crypto speculation of it too by definition. We already seen you change 2 to 3 times your votes because of other’s opinions, you are easily influenced. It is not very professionnal to change opinions this often. I can say you are quite disconnected of what is happening into the community too(I am part of Guardians/mods so I know more or less)

Accept you time is done please and I will respect you even more. Lets be honest and direct, East Community is nowhere to be found anymore (try to prove me wrong for this)and it’s not your responsability. If you are “just” a community member, it would be even better for everyone. And everyone will be more than happy to welcome you as everyone else.

Ela Cloud(亦来云盘)

Get the fuck out.

You abuse the Suggestions system and bypass it, without Community’s consent of likes, and you did it multiples times. You are the only seat that is both Proposer and Referee, which is not normal. You disdain Community approval firstly

It’s a death-flag to not respect the CRC, as Council member.

All your 4 proposition were rejected.

No website, no faces of the “team”, and Propositions that don’t have a real objective to build but to waste everyone’s time. No presence on the telegram, reddit or even others channels, or did I miss something?

Thanks for your work I guess, now please leave the seat to someone else and never come back. Don’t even to try to play the victim, you have earned so much ELA already from my pockets. I hope you will still walk with all your gold on your back.


Who the hell are you?


Well, it would be more difficult to talk about one of the co-Founder of Elastos obviously. But I will put the pink-colored glasses in the bin and stay myself.

First, I respect, with awe, the articles of your book, all the relationships between quantic domain and networks, with details in everything. I follow quantic theories since I am 16 and I am still amazed of the thinking of people like you. I understand why people called you “teacher”, there is hidden but real truth in this term. True teachers are always passionate. Please continu to share your precious knowledge about it, there is no price in it. Really gratful for this. Your book with your own dedicace would be a nice add of my collection.

Your experience with the DACA team and in crypto is a reference too for “beginners” like us. It is not only the only way, but your “way” is very interesting. Your last meetings with ex-Tencent’s employees is awesome and I hope all this wonderful intelligence will find satisfaction into a new type of work. I am myself so interested into economic consensus because of you, this subject should be showed in school as a basic thing to learn.

Now, the reality of Cyber Republic, you were too much absent of votes, exactly 6 absences out of 47 Propositions, which is 12,76%.

It means from your 5000 ELA stack for the Council seat, you will be slashed 12.76% of it = 638 ELA burned with a price of today of 4.12$ = a loss of 2628.56$ !!

or 438$ of cost for not voting each time!!

There is intolerable to see a Founder to, sorry, waste money, because of lazyness (Don’t say “lack of time”, when it takes 10min to votes easily). As community member, we spend time so much time freely because we likes to do it, but seeing this is very bad for motivation. No motivation, no community, and like you said, “community is everything”.

You actions are opposite of what you say here.Please be aware.

In decent working environnement, 1 absence could happen, and it needs to be justified. It should be the same for Council members. Or absences should be even more strict and severe from now on. Passivity is a mind killer in any project.

As cryptos “investors” we are 0 rights to tell how EF works. But I am talking to the person of Sunny Feng Han, you failed to be present and it needs ot be corrected.

And please, please, a message to all futurs Council members, stop voting at the last day, because if there is a bug or a blackout, it will be seen as an absence. You have a whole week to vote, use it smartly.

Voting as “silence majority” is an excuse. We all know you have a good stack of ELA, and this slash will not personally affect you. You are actually abusing the system you are promoting, I hope it was for the best I guess? And obviously you are making profit from the Council seat, which is fine, but it incentive people to be absent since their loss of slash become negligable.

What I propose (and it’s only my short-sighted opinion), you should forget CR as a EF represent, and focus and what you know best : In Real Life relations on a high level.Everyone in community think of you at the best for this.

Or just don’t be absent, this message is for other community members too. You absences cost precious wealth that could have been spend on activities or recruiting others devs. Yes it’s your wealth, yes it’s burned, but it is still a waste, we have already burned enough ELA in the past.

Show exemple with strong rigor,or please leave. As EF representant, it would be ideal to leave. You are someone with great competencies and it would be better to have you on the front lines, like you already does.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Shameless stolen NFT, credit to the community member that did it

Why you do this?

I do this because someone in community needs to talk a bit more loud. It is necessary to put lights on problems. Like in politics, candidates will only show their good side for the election and then, be less active during the mid of the term. Remember each time you voted in your life.

You need to understand that Council is not a Governement, they have no obligations to be pro-actives and could just do the minimum of voting. But, there is a twist : there is a competition. The best ones will stay, so adding actions to your term is seen as serious plus-value of your credibility. It’s just common-sense.

Are you paid to do this?

Not at all, I did on my own after thinking about months ago. There is no re-reading from someone else, I want to be truthfull as possible, so I am sorry if you encouter mistakes, typos, or shocking words, I don’t really care.

Do you think you are competent enough to say all of this?

Not at all, everyone is free to search for himself, his own truth. But the good idea is to search for facts and actions, not words. However I am part of community since June 2018 and was always active until this April 2021, so I think my own judgement is “ok”.

If you left community, did you sell your ELA’s?

No, are you insane? However making littles profits along the way is the idea. I follow more the macros of the markets.

Why are you not a candidate yourself?

Because it allow me to write this without any conflict of interest, and I am not running behind profits too. Life is not only about wealth, yes you heard me right.

What is your personnal interest?

Having a fully working Council would indirectly help my investment in ELA, like any community member, that’s why everyone should care and spend 15min on researchs of candidates. Don’t trust anyone, even me, for giving your votes.

Since Impeachment is absurdly difficult to obtain, it means the responsability of voting is much highter. Community’s responsability of Web3’s products is more high than we think.

Not voting, or voting bad actors is like shooting yourself in your foot.

Why now?

Because there is 2 weeks left, and it is the good windows of opportunites to voters to begin to do their own researchs.

What about others, past candidates?

I will not critic past candidates, and only critic new candidates for this new term.

This article will update for new each news candidate, and will try my best to have informations.

Rambling of the end, out of subject

I am quite absent from elastos community because of the toxicity of it (during BTC’s healthy major correction, people were completely insane), I am still following what is happening, but don’t expect me to be active anymore, sometimes I spend some time answering new people on the reddit however. No need to PM me, I don’t answer anymore, I help only beginners and only when I want to help. I am burned out of the idiocy of crypto markets and people. I have seen it myself, people in cryptos are absolute retards.

In my own view crypto communities are not communities, but just groups of insane people eating each others. The only community we should be proud is the Devs and Web3 communities : we are walking in the same steps of the first testers of the World Wide Web during 1994.

Pratical and usefulness are keys words to have in mind during this chaotic craze of crypto. The bear market will d-e-s-t-r-o-y all the scams and worthy project need to find wealth outside of crypto (hint : data), it’s just a question of time and who is the most smart/patient one.

Seeing community now, nobody can take this from us,not the crypto markets, not the “competition”, not the Council, not famous people, because you can’t beat an idea. It’s like an Hydra it just regrows stronger and stronger over time. The idea to “own” digital assets will happen, because it is already happening in the mind of people like us. The minds of every community members. Greed and personnal interest can still co-exist with important inventions that will help millions or perhaps billions of people one day.

Internet is the broken mirror of our life today and should be rightfully repaired by artisans and put again in his old and simple steel pedestal of simple communication.

And not manipulation.

Why do you think Free expression is important?

Since when people are more sensible to “tabou” subject? (“snowflakes people”)?

Why do you think there is more and more unhappy people, and it’s probably a symptom of something more complex?

Why do you think politically correct message are dangerous for the quality of life? I can’t come up with dark jokes anymore or I will be “offensive”, why are we in this insane situation where people stay hidden for saying their truth?

Conflict of interest, everywhere. Who cares about expression when your wallet is in danger. You own the server and own the data with it, shut down people and have god power about your business narrative. You can even try to manipulate people and surf of any “feel-good” narrative for selling more of your stuffs.And it works in a fantastic fashion.

News informations channels are rotten, pharmatical businesses are rotten (and it is becoming a huge problem because true science is remplaced by false science for false legitimacy of medicals researchs), and most of the big platforms are designed to exploit you in appealing ways. There is no trust anymore in the actual Web.

We should have a “Trust” infrastucture someday that will create Trust as a ressource, accessible to everyone with end-of-line utilisation products.*cough*elastos and dapps*cough*.

Are we accepting this because there is no others solutions?

And some rare people like me, having my “nerd” Raspberry on Feeds, actually do it. A Twitter account without any control, in the whole world, who can say they expected this? Not me, not a lot of people, because true inventions are always made by littles groups of inventors and risk takers.

What people are waiting for doing it too?

That’s the question that everyone should ask.

Don’t forget to DYOR and vote, there is no “little” vote that is worthless, every vote counts until the final. Let’s pop up Champagne after this event, we have full right to enjoy a good time for community members only. :)

Thanks for being part of the unique and legit Web3 community, aka Elastos.